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  The "shining rock" for your forniture..
With PLM marble becomes an essential element to make your home a luxurious and elegant place to live.

Marble is a morphologic rock made mostly of calcium carbonate; the word comes originally from ancient greek, and it means "shining rock". This because of the low level of refraction of calcium materials, the light succeed in penetrate through the surface before being reflected, thus gives to marble a natural brilliancy.
Marble has been used since the fifth century B.C by greek architecture, to build temples such as Partenone. Marble history continues with roman architecure history, then it was imported with difficulty and high costs to impress population for its beauty and precious look.
Then came the Renaissance age, and with Michelangelo Buonarroti marble came to be known as the most gracious and serviceable material for work of arts; undeniable examples are "La Pietà" and il "David" which everyone can still admire in the S. Peter basilica of Rome.
The same ability of working marble is still alive in Italy, and PLM has - through several generation of artisans- preserved the desire of shaping marble in order to create both pratical and fine piece of work.