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  Strength and beauty,
the perfect combination.

This union is the secret of granite rock ancient but always present.

Granite comes from a magmatic and ancient rock made of several minerals, of which quartz is the most known.
The orgin comes from the latin word "granum" , which means "grainy" for its peculiar conformation.
Italy is quite rich of granite pits, both in Alps Mountains and in the south of the country. The uses of granite are several, from cladding to tiling, as well as kitchen tops or bathrooms. By undergoing a grinding process, granite can achieve a refracting and translucent look that makes it also useful for décor and design. Because of its natural origin, granite can be found in a very wide range of colours; from gray to pink, and from black to yellow. Thanks to its properties of hardiness and beauty, granite is suitable for both indoors and out doors purposes.
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