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PLM is specialized in quartz compound and natural stones finishing, adopting the most recent technologies and expertise, thus it is able to satisfy the most demanding clients.

 lucidatura Polishing
Polishing is a surface treatment that stands out a very smooth and translucent look. It gives the surface an easy way of cleaning and long lasting performace.
 fiammatura Flamed
A flamed finish is created using an extremely hot flame. The heat stresses the material causing crystals to pop out. Flaming creates a very rough texture best used for exterior purposes only. A flamed finish is excellent for exterior walkways. Flaming can only be done on granites.
 spazzolatura Brushed
Brushing gives to surfaces an old style look, suitable for both indoor and outdoor processing.
bocciardatura  Bush hammered
Bush hammering is a process that gives to surfaces a corrugated and country look. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor processing also for its anti slip floors.