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icona architettura


PLM has always been a partner of both architects and designer, for the production of elements intended for realization of stairs, flooring and wall cladding. Our internal technical office is able to support design thickness verification, centre positioning with extreme precision in order to grant highly refined and esthetically elegant processing to the designer.

icona cucina


PLM is specialized in bathroom and kitchen elements. We have also been- for decades- the providers of construction companies and furniture factories, we manufacture materials with their own specific needs, always in close partnership and harmony with architects and designers, for the best technical and esthetical results. Our production site and skills allow us to process both single and mass production elements.

icona complementi


PLM produces furnishing complements such as tables of every shape and size, washbasins and whatever item you can create from stone or marble. Our numerical controlled machineries are able to produce items of the most various shape and size. Finishing are made with the best techniques and skill, both handmade and machine-made in order to ensure you a result of high quality.

Working stones is our profession.
We have been doing it from 1970 with passion and taste. Rely on people who has been trading marble and stone for over two generation, with best actual technologies and professional instruments. Experience and technology enable us to offer to our customer only high quality and extremely refined products.